Why Alliance?

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White Glove Approach

Our goal in providing communications management services to our clients is to exceed expectations with regard to fixed asset management, wireless device management, cost allocations, invoice processing, and help desk support.  Every aspect of our organization is focused on providing the highest level of service in the industry.  We provide our clients with an account team with a representative from every applicable service department.  This account team will be a single point of contact for your organization and will prove to be an important ally in your quest to bring efficiency, clarity, and effectiveness to your communications assets.

Client Focused

Some of our competitors tend to get tunnel vision when dealing with their clients.  They do just enough to keep the client happy.  Alliance on the other hand, finds that our clients think of us as an extension of their organization.  We are not just another vendor, we are a partner, trying to help them achieve greater cost savings and higher efficiencies resulting in greater success.

service desk support and end user support for enterprise communications
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Knowledge and Experience

Alliance has been in the telecommunications business since 1997 and has the knowledge and experience to help your business conquer the telecommunications challenges.  We provide Expense Management Services, Mobile Device Management Services, Wireline Management Services, Help Desk Support Services, Device Kitting Services, and expert Consulting Services.