Do you feel like you are spending too much money on telecom related expenses? busted up cell phone Frustrated with the burden of auditing, allocating, and processing complicated telecom invoices? Partner with Alliance and unlock your telecom potential.

By partnering with Alliance, clients are able to focus their efforts on what they do best.

Alliance has been providing industry leading Telecommunications Lifecycle Management (TLM) and Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) services since 1998.

We provide our clients the telecommunications management resources and processes required in today's complex telecommunications environment. Whether it's consolidating invoices from multiple carriers to ease your accounts payable burden, resolving service issues with carriers, optimizing wireless rate plans/pools, negotiating strategic contracts, managing the deployment of services across your sites, or implementing a full turnkey telecommunications management system for your organization, Alliance is the answer.

Effective management requires not just the right people, but the right processes applied relentlessly to drive results. Our proactive management approaches and proprietary software applications are embodied in our core services and provide the infrastructure to manage multiple carriers, integrate services, control cost, improve flexibility, and improve service responsiveness.

Our services include:

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