Corporate History

Alliance has been in business since 1997 and continues to thrive as we help our clients find ways to save money on their telecom spend and help them focus on what they do best.

corporate history of communications management

Alliance’s Mission

Alliance’s mission has a three-fold emphasis:

  • Provide simplicity by maintaining a single point of contact for all telecommunications services regardless of carrier, location or service.
  • Provide telecommunications expertise on an as-needed basis to bring the right resources to the right issues at the right time for clients.
  • Provide greater responsiveness to client needs than any carrier could maintain in an era of reductions in carrier support staff and automation.

Alliance Delivers a high level of service.

Alliance has been providing top-notch professional services to our clients since 1997.  These services include telecommunications bill consolidation and allocation services, project management and consulting services, and cross-carrier integration and deployment services to assist multi-location clients.

In 2002, we began doing business as Alliance Communications Management to represent the breadth and depth of our services. In 2008 our corporate office moved to Daphne, Alabama.

Today Alliance supports clients across North America and continues to expand into new arenas being created by the dynamic nature of telecommunications and our clients’ needs.

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