Telecom Expense Management

Alliance understands that our main goal is lowering communication spend for our clients.  That is why we take a holistic approach to optimizing and simplifying carrier contracts and accounts.

Our Unify Billing Service® is our powerful approach to Telecom Expense Management that helps us in lowering communication spend.  Through our Unify Billing Service, Alliance audits each and every invoice, disputes/resolves any billing issues, remits payment to the carriers, consolidates bills into a single invoice, and allocates cost to your general ledger.

Our Unify Billing Service reduces the internal transaction cost of processing multiple invoices, minimizes the impact of billing errors, manages carrier contracts, and ensures operational changes (cancelled /added services) are accurately invoiced. Unify Billing Service is an invaluable complement to Alliance’s TeleManagement Services.

Flexibility is one of the main features of our system.  We built it to be able to handle the cost structure of our clients.  This allows us to report costs in a way that makes sense to you.

pile of invoices - lowering communication spend

Our client portal allows clients to view all cost and detail down to the circuit/device level but also to roll up cost into meaningful categories like business unit, division, carrier etc. Clients can establish permission-based rules to limit the amount of information to which employees have access and to grant other privileges. The portal also provides clients access to a variety of standard monthly reports that will assist in the ongoing management and monitoring of cost trends.

Through our Unify Billing Service, clients reduce the transaction cost of processing multiple invoices while eliminating the cost of billing errors, late fees, and unauthorized charges. Clients benefit from the customizable reporting capabilities of our systems to aid in tracking cost, managing resources, and budgeting.