Telecom Lifecycle Management

Alliance’s  Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) service integrates the management of cost, service, and support into a single platform focused on telecom and network services.  We call this service our TeleManagement Service®

Why would your business need a TLM provider?  The answer is that TLM empowers companies to leverage outside expertise and instead focus on their core competencies.

Our experience reinforces the compelling fact that businesses cannot effectively manage cost and service quality without first establishing a robust infrastructure. This infrastructure must recognize that telecommunications management cuts across every functional area and, therefore, must embody technical, financial, procurement, compliance, and process management resources.

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TeleManagement provides businesses with that robust infrastructure without the cost of building it internally. It provides a single point-of-contact approach to manage services across multiple sites and carriers while ensuring integration, responsiveness, and cost control.

Clients are assigned a team of resources that encompass the following functional areas:

Technical Support

Order Management

Cost Management


By recognizing the different requirements to effectively manage both Wireline and Wireless services, Alliance has developed unique approaches to each but insures integration with our core processes and systems.

Through our TeleManagement Service, businesses gain the combined benefit of best-in-class providers and the simplicity of a single point-of-contact. Our integrated systems and processes ensure integration, responsiveness, and cost control.